In today's world, a fridge is one of the most important household items for keeping veggies, meat and dairy fresh and nutritious. And if you possess a huge family or desire a refrigerator, a large storage fridge is essential. In the market, different kinds of refrigerators are available such as single door, double door, multi-door, side-by-side, and mini fridge.

However, the sort of fridge you require will differ based on the size of your family and your demands and preferences. A side-by-side door fridge is the greatest solution for households with more than 6 people, for example.

This refrigerator guide is for folks with big families who are considering buying a new side-by-side door fridge for their house. Keep visiting us regularly for more details about refrigerators that will enable you to pick the right fridge for your home and keep it in good condition as well.

In this refrigerator guide, we will discuss the below-mentioned points:

Top Brands of Side by Side Refrigerators in India

Are you hunting for the best manufacturer of side by side fridges in India to buy the perfect refrigerator for your home? We, at Refrigerator Guide, are here with a top-notch brand of side by side refrigerators from whom you can confidently purchase the product of your choice.

Our expert team has selected the following brand that is supplying premium quality side by side refrigerators for home in India under 50000.

  • AmazonBasics

Best Side by Side Refrigerator under 50000

If you wish to buy a high-quality side by side refrigerator under 50000 for home, then you have arrived at the correct spot. Our team of experts has spent numerous hours online and has selected the following side by side fridge for you.

1. AmazonBasics Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

Capacity – 564 L

If you want to purchase a side-by-side refrigerator in India under 50000, then AmazonBasics Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator is the only one that you can get in this price range.

AmazonBasics Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

AmazonBasics Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

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This refrigerator has an amazing design and is suitable for a family of more than 5 members. This refrigerator has a water dispenser and a large freezing section.

Key Features:

  • Water dispenser
  • Suitable cost
  • 1-year warranty
  • Multi airflow
  • Precise temperature control
  • In-built LED

Side by Side Refrigerator – Buying Guide

Side by side fridges are available in different designs and capacities. Therefore, you have to bear in mind the below-mentioned aspects to purchase the most suitable side by side refrigerator for home.

1. Size

Side by side refrigerators come in sizes ranging from 560L to over 800L. In general, any refrigerator with storage of above 500L must be sufficient for a big family. Customizable shelving is a desirable feature since it allows you to eliminate shelves as required to increase the storage space of your refrigerator.

Bear in mind that the bigger the fridge, the more electricity it consumes. So shop around and ensure you get the correct size fridge for your kitchen.

If you're deciding between two sizes, we typically suggest going with the bigger one because nothing is more aggravating than being unable to put everything into the fridge. Plus, if you're anticipating visitors, having a little more space is an advantage.

2. Energy Rating

Nowadays, almost all refrigerators are given an energy star rating. The machine with the most stars is the most energy-efficient. You can easily find side-by-side refrigerators having energy ratings ranging from one to three stars.

3. Ventilation

Refrigerators and freezers generate a lot of heat. If you cram your refrigerator into an insufficiently sized space, the warmth will have nowhere to move and the machine will overheat.

The degree of ventilation area needed for a refrigerator or freezer differs based on the design and brand, but a decent rule of thumb is 2cm on each side and 3cm on the top and bottom.

4. Lighting

We've all experienced the dissatisfaction of attempting to find a misplaced item in a dimly illuminated refrigerator. Some freezers include interior illumination that extends all the way down the rear panel, which illuminates the shelves more efficiently than a ceiling light.

LED lighting is both more energy efficient and produces less warmth than conventional lighting. This is beneficial because even minor temperature changes might shorten the lifespan of your food. A freezer light is also available on some versions, which is a very useful feature.

5. Temperature and Humidity Control

Most side-by-side refrigerator models have electronic temperature controls that provide exceptional temperature accuracy. Utilizing an LED panel, these are relatively simple to operate. More sophisticated versions enable you to set separate temperatures in various parts of the refrigerator.

The quality of your fruits and vegetables is affected by humidity conditions. Most refrigerators come with a crisper box to keep your vegetables from drying out, but more modern refrigerators permit you to precisely manage the humidity settings to perfectly match whatever you're storing.

6. Ice and Water Dispenser

Although having a distilled water and ice dispenser in the front of the refrigerator door is useful, it can raise the cost of the refrigerator and take up more room. Please keep in mind that water dispensers must be installed by a certified contractor.

Another alternative is to purchase a refrigerator with a rotating ice cube tray atop an ice storing box.

7. Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves provide a variety of storage possibilities while also being simple to clean. Glass is more durable than plastic and aids in the retention of cold air. So, opt for a refrigerator that has toughened glass shelves that can easily be adjusted when required.

We, at Refrigerator Guide, assume that this guide will assist you in selecting the best side by side refrigerator under 50000 depending on your preferences. We have picked side by side refrigerators of different designs and capacities; so you can pick the one that matches your lifestyle and requirements.