Cleaning a fridge is not rocket science, but we all are so busy, and nobody would want to spend too much time cleaning their appliances especially kitchen appliances. Due to our Indian cooking methods like tadka and all, our kitchen appliances also get oil particles on them. So, if you do not clean them regularly, it becomes a time-consuming task to do it once the filth has accumulated.

How to Clean Fridge?

Remember, if you have a manual defrost fridge then don’t forget to defrost it one night before you are planning to clean the fridge. Also, when you are cleaning the fridge make sure it is disconnected from the socket.

First of all, you need to remove all the items from the shelves and doors and make them empty. Removing the shelves and drawers is a better option because it gives you space to clean the inside walls of the fridge easily. So, remove the detachable items from the fridge and clean them separately under your sink.

The next thing you need to do is prepare a soapy solution or you can also use any ready to use solution to clean both inside and outside of the fridge. Wipe outside and inside walls with a soapy solution, after that, you can use a microfibre cloth or a clean cotton cloth dipped in plain water to wipe the soapy solution.

Lastly, clean it with a dry cotton cloth. While cleaning, do not forget to clean the refrigerator gaskets, handles, and edges of the doors. Also, you should also clean the top of the fridge. Another point to remember while cleaning is the stand of the fridge, most of us forget to clean it. When you are done cleaning, turn on the fridge and keep all your stuff back in.

How to Remove the Bad Odour of the Fridge?

There are a few simple things you can do to keep your refrigerator odour-free.

  • Everyone knows the benefits of baking soda in cleaning and this amazing easily available food item can also be used in removing bad odour. You can either keep it inside your fridge or you can also make a solution by mixing warm water and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio and wipe the walls of the fridge.
  • Dry coffee is another solution that you can use to keep odour away. Just keep some dry coffee at the bottom of the fridge and it will help to absorb any bad odour.
  • Vinegar is another good option to remove the smell from the fridge. You can prepare the solution by adding vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it on the inside walls.
  • Lemon is one of the best food items which you can use to keep all bad odour away from your fridge. It is cheap and the best. Just cut the lemon in half and keep it upside down anywhere in the fridge. Remember to change it when the lemon gets over ripped.

How to Clean the Freezer Area?

Cleaning the freezer portion is similar to cleaning the rest of the fridge. While cleaning the fridge clean the freezer at last so that the items which are kept in the freezer will remain cool for longer.

Never use a pointy item to scrap the ice from your freezer, it can damage the lining of the fridge. Once the ice melts down wipe it with soapy water and then clean it with a dry cloth. Also, wipe the freezer door as well as all three edges of the door i.e., top, bottom, and side.

How to Remove Mold From the Fridge Gaskets?

If you have mold on the gaskets then you need to clean it thoroughly with either of the options like vinegar, baking soda, or lemon.

  • If you are using lemon, then take few lemons to squeeze out the juice, put the juice on the mold leave it for few mins and clean it off with the help of a brush or cloth.
  • If using vinegar then do not dilute it, put white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it all over the gasket and leave overnight. In the morning clean it with the help of a brush.
  • If you are using baking soda, then mix it with water and then spray it on the mold leave it for some time and scrub it off.

Remember, after cleaning the mold reapply any of the natural disinfectants to ensure the mold doesn’t reappear. It is very safe to use them inside your fridge instead of going for chemical products. These are less expensive options, and these will give a fresh fragrance as well.

We hope our post would have helped you in your efforts for creating a more hygienic living conditions for your family. A clean refrigerator means healthy food and a healthier family. Do follow us for more such informative posts. Feel free to share your feedback on the post with us. Your inputs help us in improving our content quality.