The refrigerator is one of the appliances in the kitchen that gets soiled quickly. Obviously, it is due to the food items we keep inside the fridge. While cooking also, we tend to use the fridge to get the ingredients or keep something inside.

When using the fridge often spill over happens on the shelves. Many of us have a habit of keeping open packets on the doors while using these packets we see that the items fall off on the shelves. Some of us also keep veggies or fruits directly on the shelves without covering them.

Apart from these, sometimes we feel so tired or lazy that we do not put the leftover food in a proper container with a lid but just put it inside the fridge without covering it. All these are some of the reasons why the fridge gets a bad smell. Try to avoid all this in order to keep your fridge get that smelly odor.

Also, when we do not make a cleaning routine for our fridge over a period of time it starts smelling. Making a weekly cleaning routine for the fridge is a good idea. So, let’s get started on our quest to answer - How to remove smells from fridge?

Do You Know How To Remove Smells From Fridge Using Home Remedies?

Let us try and help you get rid of that smell from the fridge. Here are few easily available items in your kitchen which you can use to remove bad smell from fridge.

1. Vinegar

White vinegar is antibacterial, antifungal, and kills viruses too. Although you might wonder that this product itself is quite smelly then why we are using it here. Well, the answer to that question is - because of its sanitizing qualities.

Trust us if used properly, there would be no residual smell or odor. Just turn off your fridge and let it come to ambient temperature. Dissolve 10 ml of vinegar in a mug of water and wipe the interiors. Air your fridge for an hour, you would have a fridge that is disinfected and free from bad smell.

2. Baking Soda

Empty the fridge and spread baking soda on the shelves then leave it for few hours. Clean the fridge and place the items back. Baking soda not only cleans your fridge visibly but also gets rid of sediments that can lead to foul smells.

3. Ground Coffee

There is nothing more potent in removing bad smells from the fridge than ground coffee beans. Keep them in a wide mouth bowl and place the bowl in your refrigerator. Voila! No bad smell and you get a fresh coffee aroma whenever you open your fridge door.

4. Lemon

Lemon cut into half is also another viable tool in your home deodorizing arsenal that you can use. Just cut a fresh lemon in half and place it in the fridge. Bad smell is gone!

But you better use it along with the vinegar and baking soda. Lemon can get rid of the smell but not the underlying causes.

5. Potato

Potato has great absorptive properties. Slices of potato are odour magnets. Just cut a potato in half and place the slices in your fridge. After 30 minutes you find your fridge completely odour free and fresh.

Just remember that this is also a superficial step to remove the odor, it does not eliminate the root cause and neither helps control pathogens.

Removing Smells From Fridge Using Over – the Counter Products?

Sometimes, even a clean fridge smells bad. That typically happens when you store strong-smelling food items or leftovers in them. Now we understand that you cannot just go about using the traditional methods of tackling the bad smell. That’s why there are many OTC products that can do the trick for you. Typically, they come in the form of -

  • Silica gels
  • Odor absorbers

Whether you go for the gel ones or the odor absorber active charcoal product. The mode of action is the same. They absorb the bad smell and release the fragrance. Here are some products that you can easily online for your fridge smell issues.

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How To Keep Your Fridge Fresh?

Organize It:

Keep your fridge organized. Divide the food items into different categories and dedicate shelves category wise. For example, for vegetables use the bottom drawers. For leftover food items dedicate 1 shelf, for dietary items 1 shelf, and so on. An organized fridge will help you locate the items quickly and items will not get hidden.

Use Absorbents:

Keep any of the natural odor absorbents in the fridge that will give a fresh fragrance also. You can choose from various options such as lemon, coffee beans, baking soda, white vinegar, vanilla extract, etc.

Wipe Spillovers:

Wipe any of the spillovers immediately. Do not let the spillover settle otherwise it will take more time to clean it and it will smell as well.

Set Correct Temperature:

Always keep the temperature of the fridge as per the season. If the temp is not correct, then also the fridge can smell bad.

Just follow the tips mentioned above and you would do fine. Our post has now successfully answered the riddle of how to remove smells from fridge.

If you have read the post carefully and understood it, then we are sure you would be on your way to remove bad smell from fridge. Now you would also be equipped to tell others about how to get rid of smell in fridge.

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