What are the Different Types of Refrigerators? Refrigerators are the quintessential domestic appliances that preserve your food and keep it safe from harmful microbes and germs for an elongated period of time for the safe consumption by you and your family.

During these times of COVID-19 pandemic, the normativity of the society has dramatically changed, and people have sharply reduced the number of times they are stepping outside their homes. As people are staying indoors, working from home, and spending time with their families they are buying their groceries less frequently.

Thus, they need to preserve more food and refrigerators have become all the more indispensable.

There are different types of refrigerators available in the Indian market at the moment and we shall discuss them briefly so that you can make an informed choice while purchasing the refrigerator that perfectly suits the requirements.

How To Classify Refrigerators?

While there are various types of refrigerators readily available in the market it is important to understand how different fridges are categorised on the basis of a wide variety of attributes.

These attributes range from door styles to special features and it is useful to know about each of them, so that you can conveniently determine which refrigerator is going to be the best for you, without getting confused or overwhelmed by a large number of options available online or in stores.

In this article, we have classified different types of refrigerators based on their styles, features, and finishes.

What Are the Different Types of Refrigerators?

1. Different Styles of Refrigerator

Top Freezer

This classic refrigerator generally pops up in our mind when the topic of refrigerators comes up. Tried and tested this refrigerator has been a reliable companion in a multitude of kitchens for decades.

This traditional fridge is almost omnipresent. Generally, the most common and least expensive fridges these refrigerators have the freezer in the upper portion which means refrigeration occurs at the lower level. This type of refrigerators is often the first choice of users because of its high affordability and availability.

Bottom Freezer

These refrigerators are a bit wider than the rest of the models. While traditional and cheaper models of refrigerators tend to have freezers in the upper part.

New high-end refrigerators are being launched in the market which has freezers in the lower segment. The freezers come with drawers instead of shelves for convenience and easy access. They often feature in-built ice vending machines and water dispensers

French Door

The popularity of these refrigerators is steadily rising these days. The reasons for this are multiple. These refrigerators are elegantly designed and give easy access to your food.

You do not need to waste energy and time finding food on the shelves of your fridge because in French door refrigerators food can be easily found. These premium refrigerators have been associated with luxury living and augment the aesthetics of your kitchen decor.

These appliances offer ample space for storage and a slide out freezer door on the bottom which provides convenient access to chilled food.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

These refrigerators have become more common over the past few decades. These slim machines feature a vertical refrigerator and a freezer side by side.

Traditionally the freezer is located on the left side of the refrigerator. However, these models are not as energy efficient as the other refrigerators available in the market.

These refrigerators are less expensive as compared to their French door counterparts while also offering lesser storage space for placing your food and condiments.

Mini Fridge

There are different sizes of refrigerators available in the market. Mini refrigerators are the classic compact companions in dormitories and motor houses. Because of their size they cost less compared to all other types of refrigerators and are easy to fit in any part of your household.

These fridges are also an excellent option for some extra cooling storage in your home. These refrigerators keep your food at the perfect temperature. Now you can choose from different sizes of refrigerators and go for a mini fridge to suit your extra refrigeration requirements.

2. Different Features of Refrigerators

Child Lock

This kind of refrigerator features child lock technology so that your children don't touch, spoil, or play with your food while you're not watching them. This refrigerator also ensures that your kids do not get access to the alcoholic drinks preserved inside your refrigerator.


There is nothing more frustrating than having to pull your fridge around after it has been installed. The task seems almost impossible. But do not worry because there are wheeled refrigerators available in the market.

These models of refrigerators feature a set of wheels which makes it easily movable when you have to clean it or rearrange your kitchen or your home decor.

3. Different Finishes of Refrigerators

Stainless Steel Body

Stainless Steel refrigerators are the most durable type of refrigerators. This kind of refrigerator features a complete stainless-steel body. They can change the aesthetics of your kitchen space, adding elegance to your entire home decor.

They would look impressive with an assortment of stainless steel appliances oven, cooktop, dishwasher, and stoves.

Coloured Finishes

These refrigerators add the right smear of colours to your household and you can choose among a wide variety of colours after deciding which one suits your household.

For instance, you can go with the classic black refrigerator that is remarkably beautiful and easy to maintain or opt for a refrigerator with designs which amplify the appeal of your entire home decor.

You can bring home the best refrigerator after careful consideration of these parameters. Or else you will end up investing in the wrong product and amplify your woes.

Now that we have had a brief discussion about the different kinds of refrigerators available in the market while identifying the different criteria on which they are classified, we hope that we have been able to empower you to make the right choice when it comes to making an important decision like buying a refrigerator for your home.