Planning to buy an LG or Samsung refrigerator for your home, and stuck with the thought which one is better? Well, that's where our post will help you shed the confusion and clearly give you insights that would help you decide which refrigerator is better Samsung or LG?

Both LG and Samsung produce closely matched refrigerator models in every aspect. Be it the pricing, design or even the after-sales service. Declaring a clear winner is pretty tough and we would do our best to reach your verdict here, with information you need to make your choice.

What we will be providing our readers here are some neat insights on the production methodology of both the brands, hence enabling our readers to make an informed purchase decision.

Brand Overview - Samsung & LG

Nearly a decade back both of these brands were not on the radar of the Indian consumers. Brands like Voltas and Godrej dominated the markets and rightly so. At that time, they were the only major ones making refrigerators that suited the Indian consumer, and they loved it.

However, as things progressed the consumer behaviour also evolved. Global exposure and changing eating habits of the Indian consumers led them asking for more from their refrigerators. That was the point where both LG and Samsung saw the light, an opportunity to strike when the dominant brands of those times were most vulnerable. They acted swiftly and hence created a space for themselves.

Coming to the point, Samsung and LG are equally good brands and known for their innovations. Samsung is not only popular in India but also globally, as a brand they are known for listening to their customers' needs and acting swiftly on it. They are also global leaders for innovation in refrigerator technology.

LG is also not far behind. They are fanatic about their product quality and design and go great lengths in providing flawless after-sales service. Both brands have very closely matched refrigerators. However, the real differences in their models are visible when we see the top-end models.

Door Configurations: Samsung & LG Refrigerators

Since we are talking about two giants that look remarkably similar, it becomes important to understand the configurations of refrigerators that they produce. In India, both these brands have the following door configurations:

  • Single door
  • Double door - also known as top freezer fridge
  • Side by Side
  • French door

Now for what it's worth, the differences in the single door and double door configuration of both these brands are purely cosmetic. They produce identical single and double door refrigerators with the only minute difference of graphics. However, that's where the similarity ends, and things are more noticeable in their higher-end fridges.

Door Configurations: Samsung

Samsung is known for innovations - they can put new elements of innovations in even the most established refrigerator designs. At times it feels that they can sense the future demands of their customers and put them on platter even before they start asking for it.

An excellent example of that would be their innovation in their french door refrigerators. Samsung markets two configurations of the french door refrigerators. One is the regular one and the other is the flex french door design.

Flex version allows for switching between the freezer and the regular storage space flick of a button. They know that in India food storage requirements vary from season to season and they were quick to ride on this opportunity too.

Another differentiating variation of their french door models is the 4 door ones. These models allow more compartmentalization of the space and increase the efficiency of the refrigerator.

Door Configurations: LG

LG is always up for competition with Samsung on innovation. If Samsung makes 4 door french variants, then these guys make equally good 3 door variants. Their french door refrigerators are also loaded with innovations and features that would really make your life pretty easier.

The large-format refrigerators made by LG are actually a borderline concept between the french door and side by side door configurations. They have been calibrated according to the Indian tastes and needs. All we can say here is that they have done a beautiful job at it.

Honestly, both of the brands are equally capable and good - both can be considered as per your specific needs.

Unique Features: Samsung & LG Refrigerators

Samsung and LG, both have some unique features that can satisfy the ease of use and convenience factors up a notch for users. High-end refrigerators from brand Samsung come with a unique flex zone feature that allows you to convert your freezer into the regular cooling zone if needed. The refrigerators are also designed for very even cooling, so no matter where you keep your foodstuff and drinks, they would be cool and safe.

They also come with autofill pitchers that can provide you seamless supply of cold water. Almost all the models come with built-in voltage stabilization features that keep them protected against power issues.

LG has taken the innovation game to the next level. Their high-end fridges come with a clear view window that allows you to see what's inside the fridge without opening the door. What's more? You just have to tap the fridge door twice in the dark and lights turn on. Some models also come with an auto door open feature, just step in front of the fridge and the door would open.

That's it, folks! We have provided all the relevant information that would help you decide which refrigerator is better Samsung or LG? Now whether you choose refrigerator Samsung or LG is all on you. You have now been empowered with knowledge, use it wisely. Do follow us for more such informative posts in future.